Great Games – Roddy White And The Best Receiving Day In Atlanta Falcons History

The Atlanta Falcons have been around since the late 1960’s and in that time they have had a lot of up and down time in terms of team success.  There were times where they would finish the year at the bottom of the standing, but there were also times they would finish near the top, including earning a trip to the Super Bowl.

Throughout their history, they have often been known as a passing team.  They have had really good quarterbacks during different parts of their past and this has made them a very dangerous team to take lightly.  The team has also had more than it’s fair share of great receivers.  Some of the many high quality receivers that the Falcons have had over the years include Terance Mathis, Alfred Jackson, Andre Rison, Ken Burrow, Michael Haynes, Bert Emanuel, Peerless Price, Tim Dwight, Eric Metcalf, Billy Johnson, Wallace Francis, Shawn Jefferson, Floyd Dixon, and Tony Martin.  On October 11th, 2009 though, Falcons receiver Roddy White had what was at that point the best game of his career and put up arguably the best receiving game in Atlanta Falcons history.

The game was a blowout 45-10 win over the NFC rival San Francisco 49ers.  The Falcons, led by young quarterback Matt Ryan, had scored early and often that day and the outcome of the game was never in doubt.  It was just week five of the season, still fairly early, but the Falcons’ passing game was in high gear.  When it was all over, Roddy White had amassed 210 yards receiving on just eight receptions, including two for touchdowns.

The Falcons have had some big receiving days in their history, including 198 yards by Terance Mathis in 1998, 193 by Alfred Jackson in 1984 and Andre Rison in 1994, and 190 by Ken Burrow twice during the 1971 season.  But in 2009, Roddy White became the first Falcons receiver to go over 200 yards receiving in one game and he had the game of his life.

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