Great Games – The 1978 Buffalo Bills Run All Over The New York Giants

The Buffalo Bills came into professional football in 1960 as charter members of the American Football League. Over the years that have had both successful and unsuccessful seasons, just like every other team in the league. They have had some great running backs too, including Pro Football Hall of Famers O.J. Simpson and Thurman Thomas. On November 26th, 1978 though, the Bills put together one of their best rushing performances ever, and it was at the expense of the New York Giants.

At the end of the third quarter, the Giants were leading 17-14 and it looked like another close game. In the fourth quarter, the Bills added a one yard touchdown from running back Curtis Brown, a 9 yard pass from Joe Ferguson to Lou Piccone, and then 39 and 13 yard touchdown runs by Terry Miller. When the game was over, the final score was Bills 41, Giants 17.

The Bills had scored six touchdowns that day, with five of them being on the ground. As a team they had carried the ball 49 times that day for a total of 366 yards and five touchdowns. Individually, the rushing stats broke down like this:

Quarterback Joe Ferguson: One carry for zero yards.

Dennis D. Johnson: Three carries for 12 yards.

Curtis Brown: 12 carries for 31 yards and two touchdowns.

Roland Hooks: 12 carries for 115 yards and one touchdown.

Terry Miller: 21 carries for 208 yards and two touchdowns.

Two running backs had great performances, but the entire team over the course of the full game averaged nearly 7.5 yards per carry.

On that one day, the New York Giants didn’t stand a chance.

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