Great Games: The 49ers Terrell Owens Lights Up The Chicago Bears

The San Francisco 49ers and Chicago Bears have played in some great, and sometimes important, games over the years. The game they played on December 17th, 2000 was not an important game at all. It was the second to last game of the year and the Bears were sitting at 4-10 while the 49ers had put together a record of 5-9 up to that point. From an individual standpoint, at least as far as Terrell Owens was concerned, it was a great and important game though.

The 49ers opened up scoring in the first half with a one yard pass from Jeff Garcia to tight end Greg Clark. In the second quarter, they added on a 28 yard Wade Richey field goal to expand on their lead. That’s how it went to halftime too, with San Francisco leading Chicago 10-0. The third quarter saw Garcia throw for his second touchdown of the day, a 27 yarder to Terrell Owens. The 49er defense played strong the whole game and when the final gun sounded they had held on for the 17-0 shutout of the Bears.

From the surface, a 17-0 game seems like nothing too special. But it is the stats put up by Terrell Owens that day that are particularly impressive.

Terrell Owens caught 20 passes that day for 283 yards and a touchdown. Garcia had broken the 400 yard mark, but nearly three quarters of those yards were on passes to Owens.

This would go down as Terrell Owens’ greatest game, both in total catches and in total yards. It is still one of the all time best receiving games ever put up by any player in NFL.

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