Great Games – The New England Patriots Get The Biggest Halftime Lead Ever

The New England Patriots of the 2000s have proven to be one of the most successful teams in league history.  They have done this with both star players and role players, and good offensive performances right alongside good defensive performances.  In a home game on October 18th, 2009 they did something no one had done before.

They were hosting the 0-5 Tennessee Titans who would be going through one of the worst seasons in franchise history.  The Patriots were just 3-2 at the time, but everyone knew they were still one of the most dangerous teams in the league.  Vince Young and Kerry Collins would combine to put up one of the worst team passing lines in league history for the Titans when they completed just two of 14 passes for negative seven yards and two interceptions.  But what was truly noteworthy was what the Patriots accomplished.

The Patriots started things out in the first quarter with running back Laurence Maroney scoring on a 45 yard run.  Stephen Gostkowski added a 33 yard field goal and at the end of the period the Patriots led the Titans 10-0.  In the second quarter, the train really came off the tracks for Tennessee.  Tom Brady connected with Randy Moss on a 40 yard touchdown pass, then a short time later hit him for a 28 yard score.  Still in the second quarter, Brady would connect with Kevin Faulk for a 38 yard touchdown pass too.  Not done by a long ways, Brady would team up with Wes Welker for two scores before the half, first on a 30 yard pass and then again on a five yard pass.

The Patriots would add a nine yard Brady to Moss touchdown pass and a one yard rushing touchdown by backup quarterback Brian Hoyer in the third quarter and that would seal the victory with a final score of 59-0.

Tom Brady’s final stats for the day would be 29 completions on 43 attempts for 380 yards, six touchdowns, and no interceptions.

One of the many achievements made that day though was made as a team.  By going up 45-0 at halftime, the Patriots had set the record for biggest halftime lead in NFL history.

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