Marvin Harrison’s Greatest Games

Marvin Harrison was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts with the 19th overall pick in the 1996 NFL Draft. He went on to play 13 seasons with the team, putting up some great numbers from the wide receiver position. He led the league in receptions twice, receiving yards twice, receiving yards per game twice, and receiving touchdowns once. He and quarterback Peyton Manning put on an exciting show and put together some great games. What were Marvin Harrison’s greatest games though?

-Marvin Harrison compiled an amazing sixty 100 yard receiving games during his career. The most yards he ever accumulated in one game though was 196. He did this on 13 receptions in a 27-19 win over the San Diego Chargers in 1999.

-The most touchdowns that Marvin Harrison ever caught in one game is three. He did this an amazing seven times. The first three touchdown game of Harrison’s career came in a December win over the Kansas City Chiefs during his rookie season in 1996. He did it again in 1999 against the New England Patriots, 2000 against the Minnesota Vikings, twice in 2001 against the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins, 2003 against the New Orleans Saints, and 2004 against the Detroit Lions.

Marvin Harrison has had some amazing game performances during his career, as the Chargers, Chiefs, Patriots, Vikings, Bills, Dolphins, Saints, and Lions can attest.

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