The Minnesota Vikings Brad Johnson Throws A Touchdown Pass To Himself

Watching football is enjoyable for a number of different reasons. Some fans just love the game so much that it doesn’t matter what teams or players are on the field. Some are passionate about one team in particular and will follow them through thick and thin. Others have their favorite players who they always hope put on great performances while they are watching. Football is also enjoyable because every now and then the truly unexpected happens.

In a 1997 game that saw the Minnesota Vikings play the Carolina Panthers, just one of those situations was to occur. Brad Johnson was quarterbacking for the Vikings and the team had marched all the way down to the Panthers three yard line. At this spot on the field, many fans probably were expecting a handoff or even a safe short pass to the tight end or fullback. On this particular play, Johnson dropped back to pass and let it fly. The only problem was that a Panthers defensive player was able to reach up and get a hand on the ball. The ball popped up into the air and before it came down to the ground, a Vikings player was able to catch it. That player was the same player who had just thrown it, quarterback Brad Johnson. Johnson then side stepped a Panthers defensive player, put a move on another, and stumbled into the end zone for a touchdown. Fans who watched this game, regardless of why they were watching it, had just seen the first NFL quarterback to complete a touchdown pass to himself.

Football fans won’t see a play like that every day, in fact they may not see it during their lifetime. But week in and week out there are some unforgettable things happening on the football fields of the NFL. When the unexpected happens during an NFL game, it can help to make it one of the more memorable games a football fan has ever watched.

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