The San Francisco 49ers Jerry Rice’s Greatest Games

Jerry Rice will go down as not only one of the best wide receivers ever, but one of the best football players ever. He had an amazing career that spanned three different decades. He was at least consistent the whole time he played, even dominant during a long stretch of his time in the league. He had some incredible seasons and played in some amazing games. What were Jerry Rice’s best games ever though?

In terms of receiving yards, no game compares to a 1995 win over the Minnesota Vikings when Rice caught 14 balls for 289 yards. This works out to a very impressive 20.64 yards per reception. He had three touchdowns that day, helping the team win by the score of 37-30.

When it comes to touchdown receptions in one game, Jerry Rice’s best performance came in a 1990 San Francisco 49ers win over the Atlanta Falcons. In that game he would catch an incredible five touchdown passes. 49ers quarterback Joe Montana also had one of his best games ever that day as he threw for 476 yards and six touchdowns. The one touchdown thrown by Montana that day that did not go to Rice went to Mike Sherrard (an interesting little trivia fact).

When it comes to great wide receivers in National Football League history, most players will forever be held up in comparison to the one and only Jerry Rice. The numbers he put up during his career are just part of the story though, it was some of his one game performances that fans and teammates alike will always remember.

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