The Mascot Hall of Fame

Not many people know this, but there is a sports mascot hall of fame out there honoring the best in those crazy characters that wander the sidelines. The hall is open to mascots from all sports, both college and professional. The Mascot Hall of Fame was established in 2005 and since then only one pro football mascot has been inducted, that would be “K.C. Wolf”, the official mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Mascot Hall of Fame is an online only hall of fame that was founded by David Raymond who just happened to be the original Phillie Phanatic, debuting for the Philadelphia Phillies in 1978. The main requirement to be eligible for the Mascot Hall of Fame is that the mascot has to have been around for at least ten years.

Here is a link to the official Mascot Hall of Fame website.


  1. There are halls of fame for every single thing, I swear to god. This might actualy turn out to be pretty interesting/funny but I wonder how the founders got the idea.

  2. Mark says:

    I agree, everything these days does seem to have its own Hall of Fame. I would think this could turn out to be a pretty entertaining idea. As far as where they got the idea, the founder of the mascot Hall of Fame was the original Philly Phanatic mascot for the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team.

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