The Pro Football Hall of Famers That Have Played For The Most Teams

When you take a look at football players who have made it into the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame, usually you find a player who has spent the vast majority of his career with one team. This is mainly because when a team gets a player with exceptional ability like that; they usually do all they can to hold onto him. Sometimes, because of diminishing skills or payroll reasons, a player will play his last couple years with another team before retiring. That being said it is rare that a Hall-of-Fame caliber player plays with more than two or three teams during their entire career.

So, that begs the question: What is the most teams that a member of the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame has played for.

The easy answer is: Six.

Three member of the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame have played for six different teams in their career. The back story on these three players is that they all played the majority of their careers in the NFL‘s startup days (1920’s) when teams would go out of business, change names or cities frequently, and just overall not have the stability of the modern NFL, making it more likely that a player would play for multiple teams. Those players are:

Jim Thorpe – 1915-1928

Canton Bulldogs

Cleveland Indians (NFL)

Oorang Indians

Rock Island Independents

New York Giants

Chicago Cardinals

Joe Grunyon – 1919-1927

Canton Bulldogs

Cleveland Indians (NFL)

Oorang Indians

Rock Island Independents

Kansas City Cowboys

New York Giants

Fritz Pollard – 1919-1928

Akron Pros/Indians

Milwaukee Badgers

Hammond Pros

Gilberton Cadamounts

Providence Steam Roller

Chicago Black Hawks

If we look at the more modern era of professional football, the most teams any Hall-of-Fame member has played for is five, and three different players have accomplished this feat.

Warren Moon 1983-2000

While Moon is in the Hall-of-Fame and has played for five different teams, some may count it differently as only four of the teams were in the NFL.

Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)

Houston Oilers

Minnesota Vikings

Seattle Seahawks

Kansas City Chiefs

Tommy MacDonald 1957-1968

Philadelphia Eagles

Dallas Cowboys

Los Angeles Rams

Atlanta Falcons

Cleveland Browns

James Lofton 1978-1993

Green Bay Packers

Los Angeles Raiders

Buffalo Bills

Los Angeles Rams

Philadelphia Eagles

Most often, when we think of Hall-of-Fame players we think of players like Barry Sanders, Terry Bradshaw, Bart Starr, or John Elway who played their entire career with one team. Sometimes we think of players like Joe Montana, O.J. Simpson, Tony Dorsett, or Emmitt Smith who played the majority of their career with one team and then finished it with another. Not too often do we remember the players who played for four or five different teams as Hall-of-Famers.

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