Interesting Facts About The NFL All-Decade Teams

From our recent study on the NFL All-Decade Teams, where we concentrated on mainly on the team make-up, here are some interesting facts:

  • Cardinals kicker Jim Bakken was named to both the 1960s and the 1970s NFL All-Decade Team.
  • Roger Staubach (from the 1970s team) and Ed Sprinkle (from the 1940s team), both graduates of Navy, are the only two graduates of military academies to be eventually named to an NFL All-Decade Team.
  • Mel Gray is the only player named to the All-Decade Team in two different positions, both kick-returner and punt-returner on the 1990s team.
  • The team that has put the most players on teams of the decade is the Green Bay Packers with 41.
  • Through the 2007 season every team except one has had multiple players named to various All-Decade teams through the years. The only exception is the Cincinnati Bengals who are the only team to have only one player ever named to the All-Decade Team (Anthony Munoz).

A look at the NFL All-Decade Teams through the years is a fascinating look at the flow of the great players through time.

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