Examines The NFL All-Decade Teams: The 1930s

Welcome to the second part of our six part series taking a look at the NFL‘s All-Decade teams, today… the 1930s NFL All-Decade Team:

Position Player Name: Team(s): College Attended: In Hall of Fame?
Quarterback Arnie Herber Green Bay Packers Wisconsin Yes
Cecil Isbell Green Bay Packers Purdue No
Earl “Dutch” Clark Portsmouth Spartans
Detroit Lions
Colorado College Yes
Running back Cliff Battles Boston Braves
Boston Redskins
Washington Redskins
West Virginia Wesleyan Yes
Beattie Feathers Chicago Bears
Brooklyn Dodgers
Green Bay Packers
Tennessee No
Alphonse “Tuffy” Leemans New York Giants Oregon Yes
Ken Strong Staten Island Stapletons
New York Giants
New York University Yes
Johnny “Blood” McNally Green Bay Packers
Pittsburgh Steelers
Saint John’s University (MN) Yes
Full back Bronko Nagurski Chicago Bears Minnesota Yes
Clarke Hinkle Green Bay Packers Bucknell Yes
End Bill Hewitt Chicago Bears
Philadelphia Eagles
Michigan Yes
Don Hutson Green Bay Packers Alabama Yes
Wayne Millner Boston Redskins
Washington Redskins
Notre Dame Yes
Gaynell Tinsley Chicago Cardinals Louisiana State University No
Tackle George Christensen Portsmouth Spartans
Detroit Lions
Oregon No
Frank Cope New York Giants Santa Clara No
Albert Glen “Turk” Edwards Boston Braves
Boston Redskins
Washington Redskins
Washington State Yes
Bill Lee Brooklyn Dodgers
Green Bay Packers
Alabama No
Guard Ox Emerson Portsmouth Spartans
Detroit Lions
Texas No
Dan Fortmann Chicago Bears Colgate Yes
Charles Goldenberg Green Bay Packers Wisconsin No
Russ Letlow Green Bay Packers San Francisco No
Center Mel Hein New York Giants Washington State Yes
George Svendsen Green Bay Packers Oregon State

As far as NFL team distribution, the 1930s All-Decade team was vastly different from the 1920s. While the 1920s team showed pretty much even dispersal between three to five teams, the 1930s All-Decade team is heavily dominated by one NFL club. The Chicago Bears and New York Giants are tied for second place with the most representatives making the team with four players apiece. In first place are the Green Bay Packers who, on an All-Decade team that only consists of 24 players, had eleven players make the team. Almost 50% of the 1930s All-Decade roster is made up of players that spent time playing football for the Green Bay Packers.

As far as colleges represented, we are seeing more alumni of traditional football schools this time. Classic athletic schools such as Purdue, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Oregon, Michigan, Alabama, LSU, and Texas all have players making the team. There is still at this time in the history of football a good amount of talent coming from non-traditionally thought of football schools like: San Francisco, Saint John’s (Minnesota), Colorado College, West Virginia Wesleyan, New York University, Bucknell, Santa Clara, and Colgate. An interesting note, as far as college football was concerned, at this time Notre Dame is still the dominant program in the nation. The Univesities of Oregon, Alabama, Washington State, and Minnesota all have multiple alumni on the roster, while in this decade Notre Dame only placed one former player there.

As we stated before, what prompted this look at the NFL’s All-Decade Team was the question as to how many players have made the All-Decade Team, meaning they’ve been a great player for roughly a decade if not more, but failed to make it into the Hall-of-Fame.

1930s All Decade Team Players Who Didn’t Make It Into The Hall Of Fame:
Cecil Isbell – Quarterback – Green Bay Packers
Beattie Feathers – Running Back – Chicago Bears, Brooklyn Dodgers, Green Bay Packers
Gaynell Tinsley – End – Chicago Cardinals
George Christensen – Tackle – Portsmouth Spartans, Detroit Lions
Frank Cope – Tackle – New York Giants
Bill Lee – Tackle – Brooklyn Dodgers, Green Bay Packers
Ox Emerson – Guard – Portsmouth Spartans, Detroit Lions
Charles Goldenberg – Guard – Green Bay Packers
Russ Letlow – Guard – Green Bay Packers
George Svendsen – Center – Green Bay Packers

Players selected: 24
Players not in Hall of Fame: 10
42% of 1930s All Decade Team Players are not in the Hall of Fame

The next chapter in this study involves the World War II affected 1940s NFL All-Decade team.

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