Donovan McNabb Joining The Redskins

One of the more interesting roster moves in the 2010 off season occurred between division rivals the Washington Redskins and the Philadelphia Eagles. Donovan McNabb went from the Eagles where he has had a very long and successful career and will now be playing for the Redskins.

At first glance, this is notable because it isn’t often that big name quarterbacks change teams, and it is even more rare for them to leave one team and turn up on the roster of a division rival the very next season.

There is another interesting fact about this roster move though.

Through the 2009 NFL season, Donovan McNabb has thrown 216 touchdown passes. He has thrown more touchdown passes, 27 to be exact, against the Redskins than he has against any other team in the National Football League.

Now that he is playing for Washington, that will be the end of that though as either the New York Giants or Dallas Cowboys are sure to take over the number one spot in that category.

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