New England Trades Matt Cassel To Chiefs

Matt Cassel Traded!

It was just announced that there has been an addition to last night’s trade of Mike Vrabel to the Kansas City Chiefs. Now included in the deal is quarterback Matt Cassel. In exchange for these two players, it looks like the Kansas City Chiefs are giving up a second round draft pick, the 34th pick overall.

There has been a lot of talk around the internet that the Chiefs stole Cassel from the New England Patriots because they didn’t have to give up a whole lot for him. Truthfully though, we’re looking at a quarterback who had a very good year but it was his only year as a starter. Remember, Cassel hasn’t been a starter in the pros before… or in college. The other thing to remember about Cassel is that he currently isn’t signed beyond this year, and because of him being franchised by the Patriots, his one year deal for this season will be in the neighborhood of fourteen million dollars. So, in effect the Chiefs are trading for a player with only one year of experience and who is signed for very close to the maximum price of any quarterback in the NFL. Giving up a second round pick for that is probably not too bad.

Looks like a good trade for both teams. The addition of Vrabel to the Chiefs defense is a definite plus, not only for his ability, but also for his leadership value.

In fact, I think the only person that really has a gripe in this whole deal is Herman Edwards. He inherited an injured and at-the-end-of-his-career Trent Green at quarterback for one season and then after he moved on to the Dolphins was left with the combination of Damon Huard, Tyler Thigpen, and Brodie Croyle to deal with for two years. The minute Herman Edwards is fired, then they make a trade for one of the better available quarterbacks on the market?

Yeah, Edwards deserves to gripe about this one.

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