ESPN Radio “Borrows” From A Blog – And Then Makes It Right

Here is a story that may mean more to bloggers out there than it does to your normal every day sports fans, but it deserves mention.  A Michigan Wolverines blog called The M Zone found themselves embroiled in a bit of a controversy with ESPN Radio Sports Talk Host Colin Cowherd recently.  It seems that Cowherd used fake questions from the famous Wonderlic test to have a little fun on his morning sports talk show.  The problem with this?  It looks like the questions were lifted word-for-word from a bit that was posted on The M Zone.  This summarizes the issue right here.

When first confronted with the fact that the bit they were taking credit for belonged to someone else, the response from Cowherd was less than professional to say the least.  In the end, thanks in part to the many readers of the M Zone, Cowherd did apologize and even gave a shout out to the blog on his radio show.  Nice to see that it all got resolved, but it should’ve never gotten to this point.  The ESPN Radio show should’ve given credit immediately if they wanted to use the material.  If, in fact, the material was mysteriously emailed to them and they didn’t know who to credit then they should’ve probably done a quick Google search to discover who came up with it, mentioned that it wasn’t theirs and they didn’t know who to credit, or not used it.  Pretty simple really.

On a side note… The M Zone is a pretty entertaining read, especially if you’re a Michigan Wolverines fan.

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