Fun Facts About The NFL On Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from!

Here is a look at some fun facts about the NFL on Thanksgiving!

The Lions hosted their first Thanksgiving Day game in 1934

-In spite of losing the last seven Thanksgiving games in a row, the Detroit Lions have a record that is just below .500 at 33-36-2.

-The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys have played the most on Thanksgiving. The Lions have lost the most turkey day games and the Cowboys have won the most.

-The last Thanksgiving Day game the Lions won? In 2003 they beat the Green Bay Packers 22-14. That would be the Joey Harrington led Lions who won on a day that Jason Hanson kicked five field goals.

-This is the 21st time the Packers and Lions have met on Thanksgiving. In head to head turkey day games the Lions have won 12 times, the Packers seven, and there was one tie game.

-The most rushing yards anyone has ever had on Thanksgiving came in 1976 when the Lions defeated the Buffalo Bills 27-14. Though his team had lost, O.J. Simpson carried the ball 29 times for 273 yards and two touchdowns.

-The most receiving yards ever accumulated in a Thanksgiving Day game came in 1964 in a losing effort when Lance Alworth caught four passes for 185 yards and two touchdowns when his Chargers lost 27-24 to the Bills.

-Three teams have played on Thanksgiving and never lost: Saints (1-0), 49ers (3-0-1), and Colts (2-0-1).

-Two teams have played on Thanksgiving and never won: Bengals (0-1) and Buccaneers (0-1).

-The most points ever scored by a team on Thanksgiving is 55. This has happened twiced, most recently in 1997 when the Detroit Lions beat the Chicago Bears 55-20. The Bears actually led that game 14-0 at one point. Barry Sanders finished with 19 carries for 167 yards and three touchdowns. It first happened though in 1977 when the Miami Dolphins defeated the St. Louis Cardinals 55-14.

-The most points scored in a Thanksgiving Day game by one player is 24. Two players have had these four touchdown games on turkey day. Sterling Sharpe did it first for the Packers in a 42-31 loss to Dallas in 1994 and then Brian Westbrook did it for Philadelphia in a 48-20 win over the Cardinals in 2008.

-The career leader in points scored on Thanksgiving is Lions kicker Jason Hanson with 157. In second place is the previous Lions kicker, Eddie Murray with 102. In third place is Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith with 84.

-Two players are tied at the top in the category of most passing touchdowns in a Thanksgiving Day game with six. Bob Griese did it first in 1977 in a 55-14 win over the St. Louis Cardinals. Peyton Manning then did it in 2004 in a 41-9 win over the Detroit Lions.

-No quarterback has thrown for more yards on Thanksgiving in one game than Troy Aikman did in 1998 when he completed 34 of 57 passes for 455 yards and one touchdown in a 46-36 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

-Only four times in history have their been kickoffs returned for touchdowns on Thanksgiving. The players to do so were Bobby Bell of the Chiefs in 1969, Ike Thomas of the Cowboys in 1971, Dave Williams of the Bears in 1980, and Brad Smith of the Jets in 2010.

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