How Many Players Caught Just One Career TD Pass From John Elway?

John Elways has gone down as one of the top quarterbacks in NFL history. Over the years he won a lot of games and he also threw a lot of touchdown passes. How many? He threw exactly 300 touchdown passes during his career, all with the Denver Broncos.

Shannon Sharpe caught more TD passes from Elway than any other player, a total of 41. Other players to catch a significant amount include Ed McCaffrey, Vance Johnson, Anthony Miller, Mark Jackson, Rod Smith and Steve Watson. How many players though only caught one TD pass from Elway during his career?

Of John Elway’s 300 career TD passes, 11 of them went to players who would only catch one from him during their time in the NFL.

Those 11 players:

Jesse Myles
Ray Alexander
Bobby Humphrey
Dwayne Carswell
Jeff Campbell
Rick Parros
Dave Studdard
Reggie Rivers
Mike Sherrard
Detron Smith
Howard Griffith

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