What Team Has Drafted More Heisman Trophy Winners Than Any Other?

Every year the Downtown Athletic Club in New York City awards the Heisman Trophy to that season’s best college football player. Some great names have won the award over the years. Some have mainly been great college football players, who the award is intended to honor, but others have gone on to excel in the National Football League too. In fact, there are even Heisman Trophy winners in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

What NFL team has selected more Heisman Trophy winners over the years than any other though? That honor belongs to one of the oldest franchises in the NFL.

Through 2010, no NFL team has drafted more Heisman Trophy winners than the Detroit Lions have. Since the first NFL Draft in 1935, the team has chosen ten former winners of the award. The players they have selected are: Larry Kelley – 1937, Clint Frank – 1938, Frank Sinkwich – 1943, Glenn Davis – 1947, Leon Hart – 1950, Howard “Hopalong” Cassady – 1956, Steve Owens – 1969, Billy Sims – 1980, Barry Sanders – 1989, and Andre Ware – 1990.

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