Gets The Little Things Right

it’s fun to call out a broadcaster or a website when they make a mistake, but today I’m thinking I should also note that something was done right. Now, this isn’t a big thing… in fact, it is the littlest of things. got it right though.

For those of you that don’t know, you can see a statistical and graphical rundown of what is happening in an NFL game by viewing the gamecast that ESPN has on their website. As the game progresses, they update it regularly with the score, possession, time, timeouts, and virtually everything else pretty much as it happens. At the top of the little screen is the scoreboard that shows the two team’s helmets facing each other.

Like so…

If you notice, the Titans helmet has a logo on it and the Steelers does not. It would’ve been very easy for ESPN to put the Steelers logo on their helmet so as to show the two teams helmets better, but because of the direction the helmet is facing and the fact that Pittsburgh’s helmet lacks a logo on the left side, they chose accuracy instead and put up the blank black helmet.

Way to go ESPN… gettin’ the little things right.

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