Football Players Who Had Roles In ‘The Longest Yard’

Football Players Who Had Roles In The Longest Yard

Here is a list of football players that were included in the filming of the movie ‘The Longest Yard’, both the original from 1974 and the 2005 remake.

The Longest Yard (1974)
Burt Reynolds (Florida State University)
Sonny Sixkiller (University of Washington)
Ray Nitschke (Green Bay Packers, Pro Football Hall of Fame)
Mike Henry (Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Rams)
Pervis Atkins (Los Angeles Rams, Washington Redskins, Oakland Raiders)
Joe Kapp (Minnesota Vikings)
Ernie Wheelwright (New York Giants, Atlanta Falcons)
Ray Ogden (St. Louis Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears)

The Longest Yard (2005)
Michael Irvin (Dallas Cowboys)
Burt Reynolds (Florida State University)
Terry Crews (Rams, Eagles, Packers, Chargers, Redskins)
Bill Romanowski (49ers, Eagles, Raiders, Broncos)
Brian Bosworth (Seahawks)

The 2005 version of The Longest Yard also had a number of professional wrestlers included in the cast:
Bill Goldberg (who also has NFL experience)
Bob Sapp
Dalip Singh Rana
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Kevin Nash

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