Politics Mixed With Humor!

If you are interested in some political entertainment, check out formykountry. A great read with some great humorous looks at politics in general, and conservative issues specifically.

Check out the post related to the political lessons we can gain from playing X-Box!

In times like we are in today, it is nice to see serioius issues like world events and political thoughts attacked and conveyed with humorous overtones. The only thing worse than someone spouting off their own political beliefs, is someone who spouts off their own political beliefs while not being able to do with a sense of humor. ForMyKountry.com is truly a nice relaxing place to be both entertained and informed. It’s a lively community too, with a number of the posts attracting a large number of comments and replies.

The battle between a grown man and a neighborhood youth over the popular X-Box game Halo 3 is a great way to illustrate one side of a political philosophy. Using it to relay that philosophy as it pertains to the world of video gamers is actually very funny. You got to love the interaction with the wife of the author as well, any husband out there can immediately feel the glances and “looks” she is said to give him during the battle with the twelve year old.

Check out ForMyKountry.com today!

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