Saying Goodbye To Dan Patrick

Okay, I know he’s not dead or anything, but Dan Patrick’s last day on ESPN was yesterday and for anyone who was a sports fan during the 1990’s and up until last week this was the end of an era. Whether teaming with Keith Olbermann, making cameos in sports movies, or starring in those classic This Is Sportscenter commercials, DP wormed his way into the hearts of sports fans everywhere.

Listening to his ESPNradio show and you got a sense that you knew Dan Patrick as a person, and although he was “big time”, you felt he was exactly the kind of person you’d want to invite over to the house to watch a game with.

Well, it’s the end of an era. But, there is big news coming as to where he’ll surface next and in what capacity. Surf on over to Dan’s homepage to find out more.

Dan Patrick… thanks for the memories!

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