Three Things That Suck About The Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals made it all the way to the Super Bowl following the 2008 NFL season, and they almost pulled off a victory too. That surely would have been something to see, the Arizona Cardinals as Super Bowl Champions. With the young talent they have on the roster and the highly thought of coaching staff, it does look like the team may be positioning itself as one of the better teams in the league these days. As exciting as they are on the field and as good as the results have been recently, here is a look at three things that suck about the Arizona Cardinals.

1. Pick A Name, Any Name – The job of football players is to produce on the field, the job of the head coach is to make sure the team is run well, the job of the marketing department is to get more exposure for the team. The team moved from St. Louis to Phoenix in 1988 and became known as the Phoenix Cardinals. That name served them just fine from then through the 1993 season. It was then, that the marketing department of the Phoenix Cardinals decided that what was holding them back in appealing to the most fans possible was that they were in name only representing the city of Phoenix and not the entire state of Arizona. With that, the team became the Arizona Cardinals. Yeah, that did the trick.

2. Contract Negotiations With Kurt Warner – The Cardinals have won two league championships in their history. The first came in 1925. That’s ancient history though, when was their second? Oh… 1947. So how should a team that finally has a quarterback lead them to the Super Bowl after all those years of futility reward him? Ask Kurt Warner. After two Super appearances, a Super Bowl victory, two league MVP awards, a Super Bowl MVP Award, and numerous Pro Bowl appearances, he came to the desert and backed up highly touted and future clipboard carrier Matt Leinart. When that arrangement proved problematic, he took over the team and led them to the Super Bowl. Following the season, not only did the Cardinals not place an emphasis on resigning their star quarterback, but they actually forced him to first look for offers elsewhere. It makes one think that for awhile, a certain football team in the American Southwest forgot that they were the Arizona Cardinals and not a more successful franchise that had some clout.

3. If I Can’t Make It There, I Can’t Make It Anywhere – The Cardinals, as an organization, have a long history. The club can actually trace itself back to the Morgan Athletic Club in 1898. The team has been a member franchise of the NFL since 1920. It started out as the Chicago Cardinals from 1920 through 1943, in 1944 the Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers temporarily merged rosters due to World War II, then the team was the St. Louis Cardinals from 1960 through 1987, before moving to Phoenix in 1988. The Cardinals have represented three different cities in the National Football League, and as a testament to their football abilities, they have a losing record in each of those cities. Even the one season where they merged with the Steelers resulted in an 0-10 record.

The Arizona Cardinals had a great 2008 season and came this close to winning it all. Fans of the team have a lot to be happy about regarding their team, but just for fun this series of articles is looking at three things that suck about every team in the NFL.

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