Three Things That Suck About The New England Patriots


In recent years, few teams have been more successful than the New England Patriots. The team won three Super Bowl titles in four years during the early 2000s and has also appeared in two other big games. There is a lot to love about the New England Patriots, but because this series is looking at the other side of things, here are three things that suck about the New England Patriots.

1. Pat The Patriot – When it comes to team mascots, Pat the Patriot is a fine enough looking one. Its easy to see why he ended up with the name “Pat”, the team being the Patriots and all, but seriously… apologies to those that share his name, but wasn’t there a more manly option than “Pat”? Wouldn’t this be the most famous “Pat” in history?

Its Pat!

2. Bill Belichick, Coach For A Day Of The Jets – There are a number of attributes that coaches look for in the players that play for them. Similarly, there are a number of attributes that owners and general managers look for in a head coach. Evidently, in the case of the New England Patriots, one of those attributes is a lack of committment. Bill Parcells resigned as the head coach of the New York Jets in 1999, Bill Belichick, his longtime assistant coach took the job that day and the Jets future seemed set in stone. Um, that stone was pretty unstable because one day later Bill Belichick announce his resignation as head coach of the New York Jets.

3. Spygate – The New England Patriots videotaping scandal is still fresh in the minds of many people. Basically the Patriots, one of the best teams in the league, felt that they needed further assistance in beating the opposition so they broke league rules and on at least one occasion videotaped the other team’s coaches sending plays into the defense. This was a huge advantage because from that point on the Patriots basically knew what types of defenses the other team was going to call. With this kind of advantage, it is actually amazing that the Patriots didn’t win even more games.

The Patriots have proven year in and year out to be one of the best teams in the entire National Football League, but just for fun we’re taking a look at the three reasons that every team in the NFL sucks.

Anything else suck about the New England Patriots?

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