Three Things That Suck About The New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints came into the league in 1967 and over the years the team has had some rough years in the NFL. There is a lot to like, even love, about the team… but here are three things that suck about the New Orleans Saints.

1. Mediocre Players From Louisiana, How’s That Worked? – We all understand the idea behind a pro team trying to get the occasional player that played collegiately or in high school close to where the NFL club plays. It can help attract some fans, it provides a nice way to stay in touch with the community, but it has to be done correctly too. The New Orleans Saints have turned putting below average local players on their roster into an art form. Remember quarterbacks John Fourcade and Bobby Hebert? What about other great Louisiana products that the Saints just had to have like Hokie Gajan, Steve Rogers, and Nick Savoie. Top quality, for sure. What about some of the Louisiana area players they’ve missed out on? Brett Favre, anyone? They had Jake Delhomme, but let him go. Henry Thomas? Alan Faneca? Leonard Marshall? Terry Bradshaw? Kevin Mawae? Gary Reasons? Kevin Faulk? Mark Duper? Nice job.

2. The Fleur-De-Lis – Ahh, the mighty fleur-de-lis. It strikes fear in the hearts of all who see it up close and in person. Don’t know what a fleur-de-lis is? It’s the Saints logo that is slapped on the sides of their helmets. We’re not really sure if there is a more pointless or just overall worse team logo than the dreaded fleur-de-lis. Okay, you like the design of the logo and you’re sure that it actually means something fierce and warrior-like, right? Translated from the French, fleur-de-lis means “lily flower”. Yep, Saints fans are cheering for the mighty lily flowers.

3. Nepotism – Who doesn’t think nepotism sucks? Well, other than those that benefit from it, everyone pretty much hates nepotism. In 1985 the Saints head coach was Bum Phillips who had been a very successful coach with the Houston Oilers in the late 1970s before joining New Orleans in 1981. When it turned out that the Saints didn’t experience the success everyone was hoping for, going 27-42 under Phillips, and a coaching change was needed, who did the team turn to in order to right the ship? Well, when you’re desiring completely different results, who else would you turn to? Why, his son Wade Phillips who had no head coaching experience at that point., that’s who. The younger Phillips’ record in mop up duty for his dear old dad? One win and three losses. Nice job, New Orleans.

The New Orleans Saints are usually one of the more exciting teams in the league and have a great fan base, but just for fun this series of articles is looking at the three things that suck about every team in the NFL.

Did we miss a reason that the New Orleans Saints suck? Don’t be shy… let ‘er rip.

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