Three Things That Suck About The Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans have only really existed since 1997, but have been quite successful since then. The team puts up one of the more consistent winning records in the entire NFL and has had numerous great players, as well as one of the more respected head coaches in the league. With such a short history, coming up with three things that suck about the Tennessee Titans wasn’t easy, but since we’re doing this series on every team in the league… here you go.

1. The Team Name – This is the first thing that jumps out. It isn’t that a Titan wouldn’t be an intimidating mascot and it isn’t that the name Tennessee Titans doesn’t flow well or sound good together. What’s the problem then? Originality. When the New York Jets came into existence in 1960, they were the New York Titans. There wasn’t another option available other than using a retread name that wasn’t good enough for the Jets almost fifty years ago?

2. The Move From Houston – Not that there is a good way for an NFL franchise to leave a city, but the departure of the Houston Oilers to Tennessee was particularly ugly. The city of Houston welcomed the Oilers as part of the start-up American Football League in 1960 and supported the team through many down years (and some up as well). Team owner Bud Adams may have wanted a new stadium, but what he did to the city of Houston and the fans that had been loyal to his team is inexcusable.

3. The Team Name Part 2 – Okay, in a list of three things that suck about the Tennessee Titans how can two of them be the team name? Here’s why. The Oilers announced they would be moving from Houston following the 1995 NFL season and began play in the Tennessee for the 1997 season. Despite this almost two years of preparation for their relocation, when the team opened up play in Nashville they took the field for the first two seasons as the Tennessee Oilers. Ahh, Americans every where can close their eyes and envision the endless oil fields of Tennessee.

The Tennessee Titans are a great team, have played in some memorable games, and have had some of the best players in the league during their short history. The strong way that the organization is run lays the groundwork that the Titans will continue to perform in the upper half of both their conference and the entire NFL too. As good as they are though, for fun we’re taking a look at three things that suck about every team in the NFL.

Did we miss anything?

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