What If Footballs Came Inside Oysters?

What If Footballs Came Inside Oysters?

Think for a minute… what if footballs were not made of leather or pigskin or even cheap rubber or vinyl. Think if instead they came inside oysters. Not only would this completely destroy the market for pearls, but it would also alter the football landscape as well.

  • Having been created underwater, footballs would no longer become too hard to hold onto if they became wet.
  • Some of the best football prospects in the world would come from the Fiji Islands or the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Footballs would be graded on how close they are to perfection.
  • Women would love to get a strand of footballs when Valentine’s Day rolled around.

These are just a few of the things that would be different, I’m sure you could think of many many more.

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Oh yeah… footballs don’t really come in oysters.

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