What To Bring For A Successful Tailgate Party

What To Bring For A Successful Tailgate Party

Whether you’re attending a football game or any other sporting event, tailgating is fast becoming an American pastime. Here are __ steps to a successful tailgater party.

What to bring:

  • Tarps, ropes, bungee cords, tables & chairs, table cloths
  • The cooking apparatus of your choice: BBQ Grill is recommended, don’t forget lighter fluid, charcoal, utensils, an oven mitt, and an apron if needed.
  • Great memories will be made, so make sure to bring a camera!
  • The food! Whether it’s steaks or skewers, you’re packing the grill anyways you probably should bring along something to cook on it.
  • Trays, utensils, plates, cups, bottle opener, ice, cups, salt & pepper, and condiments.
  • Spray bottle of water (for dousing hot coals if needed), along with clean up materials and hand wipes.
  • First aid kit, you never know what will go wrong and it is best to be prepared.

Tailgate parties can be a great way to prep for a big game, and you don’t have to be going to a pro football game to have one. Tailgating parties are fun at the college level, and can be a unique thing to do before a high school game as well. Get out there and tailgate!

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