300 Yard Passing Games And The American Football League (AFL)

The American Football League came into existence in 1960 as a direct competitor of the National Football League. Originally they were not given a chance, but they stuck through some tough times and after a decade ended up merging with the NFL. One of the things that set this new league apart from the NFL was the emphasis placed on a more exciting game, including wide open passing attacks.

One of the most common ways to judge a team’s passing attack is by 300 yard games. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts surrounding 300 yard games and the old American Football League.

-No AFL team had more 300 yard passing games than the Houston Oilers did with 25.

-When the Oakland Raiders threw for more than 300 yards in a game in the AFL, their record was 14-1-1, which translates as an amazing .906 winning percentage.

-The Miami Dolphins had just one 300 yard passing game during their short stint in the AFL, this is by far the fewest of any team.

Here is a ranking of AFL teams based on how many 300 yard passing games they had.

Houston Oilers – 25
New York Titans/Jets – 22
Los Angeles/San Diego Chargers – 20
Oakland Raiders – 16
Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs – 13
Denver Broncos – 11
Boston Patriots – 10
Buffalo Bills – 10
Miami Dolphins – 1

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