73-0 – Amazing!


One team scores 73 points and the other team scores 0… that’s right, zero… nothing… zilch.

When you hear that score, 73-0, you think that it must’ve been the best team vs. the worst team. Maybe it was a preseason game. Possibly, a college team against a professional team. It sounds like it could even be a high school football game score.

No, that was the 1940 NFL Championship Game. The Championship of the NFL was won in 1940 by the Chicago Bears when they defeated the Washington Redskins by a score of 73-0.

Imagine, the two best teams in the league face each other for the championship, the fans crowd into their seats to see this epic battle. A few hours later, the score is 73-0 and the game is over. It must’ve been a tough day to be a Redskins fan.

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