Back To Back 30 Plus TD Seasons

Back-To-Back 30+Touchdown Seasons

One of the best things about some statistical lists is seeing names that you wouldn’t at first think belong alongside the names of the game’s all-time-greats. One example of that is the list of quarterbacks who have thrown for back-to-back seasons of thirty or more touchdown passes.

The expected names on that list:

Y.A. Tittle (Hall-of-Fame)
Dan Fouts (Hall-of-Fame)
Dan Marino (Hall-of-Fame)
Brett Favre (Future Hall-of-Fame)
Peyton Manning (Future Hall-of-Fame)

The two names you may not expect?

Steve Bartkowski
Bartkowski played virtually his whole career on sub-par Atlanta Falcons teams but still put up consistently good numbers; making it to two Pro Bowls and leading the league in quarterback rating during the 1983 season. Bartkowski was also drafted with the number one pick overall in the 1975 NFL Draft.

Jeff Garcia
Garcia has journeyed around the NFL finding it hard to land a steady quarterbacking job despite experience a relative amount of success at every stop he’s had. Garcia was undrafted out of San Jose State and played in the CFL with the Calgary Stampeders from 1994 to 1998. Garcia went on to play for the 49ers from 1999 to 2003, making three consecutive Pro Bowls and setting the 49ers record for most passing yards in a season duting the 2000 season with 4,278. Since his time with the 49ers, Garcia has played for the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Though it is a hard to achieve accomplishment, back-to-back 30+touchdown seasons, even Steve Bartkowski and Jeff Garcia can get their names listed alongside the likes of Dan Marino and Peyton Manning.

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