Excelling Early – 20 Year Olds Who Have Scored Touchdowns In The NFL

Every year every team is on a quest to find the best rookie or young player out there. It is these young players who can often lead them to being one of the better teams in the league. Most players graduate from high school at the age of 18 and then after four years of college are 22 when they enter the NFL Draft. Some enter at a younger age though for a number of reasons. Who leads all players in most touchdowns scored by a 20 year old?

One TD Scored:
The list of 20 year olds who have scored one touchdown in the NFL includes three players: Allie Sherman, George Ratterman, and Bill Gompers.

Two TDs Scored:
Two players have scored two touchdowns at the age of 20 in the NFL, Elmer Angsman and Reidel Anthony.

Three TDs Scored:
There have also been just two players who have racked up three touchdowns at the age of 20 in the NFL, Andy Livingston and Rashaan Salaam.

Four TDs Scored:
One player sits alone at the top of the list though. At the age of 20 in 1968, Gary McDermott scored four touchdowns for the Buffalo Bills in the AFL.

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