Five Fun Facts About Super Bowl Quarterbacks

There isn’t a higher profile position in the NFL than quarterback. Quarterbacks get a lot of attention and that is even more true when it comes to the Super Bowl. Here are five fun facts about Super Bowl quarterbacks.

Travelin’ Man

The first quarterback to start two different Super Bowls for two different NFL teams was Craig Morton. He started in Super Bowl V with the Cowboys and then Super Bowl XII with the Broncos.

Two Points!

The first NFL quarterback sacked in the end zone for a safety was Fran Tarkenton of the Vikings when he was tackled by Dwight White of the Steelers in Super Bowl IX.

Stop Copying Me!

Super Bowl XIII saw Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach and Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw each complete 17 of 30 passes.

Five Timer Club

When Super Bowl XXXIII started, John Elway became the first quarterback to start five Super Bowls.

One For Each!

Back-to-back Super Bowls XLI and XLII featured the Manning brothers, quarterbacks Peyton and Eli, both winning the Super Bowl MVP Award.

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