Highest Winning Percentage Of Teams That Have Never Won The Super Bowl

Sometimes good football organizations still have trouble winning the big game. With that in mind, lets look at the franchises that have not won Super Bowls and rank them from lowest to highest in terms of winning percentage through the 2007 season.

Teams that have not won the Super Bowl:

Win Pct:
Houston Texans
Atlanta Falcons

New Orleans Saints

Arizona Cardinals

Cincinnati Bengals

Carolina Panthers

Detroit Lions

Buffalo Bills

Philadelphia Eagles

Tennessee Titans

Seattle Seahawks
San Diego Chargers
Jacksonville Jaguars
Minnesota Vikings
Cleveland Browns


What we’ve learned from this:

There are 15 teams in the NFL that have never won the Super Bowl. Of those 15 teams, 3 of them have career franchise records above .500: Cleveland, Jacksonville, and Minnesota. Two of those teams, Cleveland and Jacksonville, have career records over .500 and have never even appeared in a Super Bowl.

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