Imagine Football With No Scoreboard Clock

The Introduction Of The Scoreboard Clock – Can You Imagine The NFL Without It?

Up until the 1960s, the official time left in an NFL football game was actually only known to a few people. The head official kept track of the time remaining on his wristwatch. There was no scoreboard clock or any way that fans would know how much time was left in the game.

Can you imagine? Your team is down by a touchdown and has the ball, they’re driving down the field, but you don’t know if they have five minutes or fifteen seconds before the game is over. When the quarter, half, or game would end would all be a surprise to the spectators.

When the American Football League (AFL) came along in 1960, one of their additions to the game of football was a clock so everyone could see the time remaining. The long established National Football League also instituted the clock at this time.

Fans everywhere are so thankful they did.

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