One-Team-Coaches In The Hall-of-Fame

With today’s hire-and-fire mentality when it comes to NFL head coaches it is getting harder and harder to imagine coaches who only coach with one team and coach long enough to make it to the Hall-of-Fame.

In the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame right now there are seven coaches who only coached one NFL team in their entire career:

John Madden – Oakland Raiders 1969-1978

Bill Walsh – San Francisco 49ers 1979-1988

Earle “Greasy” Neal – Philadelphia Eagles 1941-1950

George Halas – Chicago Bears (Numerous occasions)

Joe Gibbs – Washington Redskins 1981-1992, 2004-Present

Tom Landry – Dallas Cowboys 1960-1988

Bud Grant – Minnesota Vikings 1967-1983, 1985

Chuck Noll – Pittsburgh Steelers 1969-1992

To accomplish this feat takes a rare combination of very good coaching ability, ownership with a good amount of patience, great talent to put on the field, and probably a fair amount of luck.

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