Players Who Have Played In Both The NFL And The Arena Football League

The Arena Football League is looked down upon by some as a lesser football league, or even as something that isn’t really football at all. The truth is though that there are some unique skill sets that need to be present to succeed in the Arena Football League.

How many players have played at the top tier of professional football, the National Football League, and also in the Arena Football League? Quite a few actually.

Here are some of the notable names that have played in both leagues:

Michael Bishop – Kansas State University
Chris Canty – Kansas State University
Quincy Carter – University of Georgia
Troy Edwards – Louisiana Tech
Joe Germaine – Ohio State University
Jason Gesser – Washington State University
Bill Gramatica – University of South Florida
Tony Graziani – University of Oregon
Joe Hamilton – Georgia Tech
Josh Harris – Bowling Green
Lincoln Kennedy – University of Washington
Shaun King – Tulane University
Jim Kubiak – Naval Academy
Tommy Maddox – UCLA
Alonzo Spellman – Ohio State University
Kurt Warner – Northern Iowa University
Craig Whelihan – Pacific University
Mike Vanderjagt – West Virginia University

Over the years, a number of players have made the transition from the Arena Football League to the NFL. There have even been a number of players that have moved on to play in the Arena Football League after their time in the NFL has finished. With the speed required to excel in the short indoor field, the players of the Arena Football League have shown that they are indeed very talented football players. Some so talented that they have also played in the National Football League.

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