Repeat Super Bowl Winners And How That Second Season Went For Them

The Giants are 3-0 to start of this young season. What is significant about that? They are only the 5th Super Bowl winning team to start the next season out at 3-0. That brings up a question, there have been a few repeat Super Bowl championships in the history of the NFL, how did those teams start out the second of their championship seasons after winning the Super Bowl in the previous year?

Super Bowl winning teams and how they started the next year when they repeated with another Super Bowl victory:

Green Bay Packers
The Packers won the first Super Bowl, and would’ve started the following season 3-0 if it hadn’t been for the fact that their first game of the year against the Detroit Lions ended in a 17-17 tie. The Packers would eventually get their record as high as 9-2-1 before losing their last two games of the regular season against the Rams and Steelers before going on to win their second straight Super Bowl.

Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins had won Super Bowl VII following the 1972 season, a season for which they are famous for going undefeated through both the regular season and post season. Many people don’t remember though that the Dolphins would march back to and win Super Bowl VII the next season too. But after going undefeated in 1972, how did they start out the 1973 season? The Dolphins started the year out with a victory over the 49ers before falling to the Raiders in the second game of the year. They would then go on to win their next ten games before losing the second to last game of the year against the Colts and finishing with a 12-2 record.

Pittsburgh Steelers
One of the best teams of the 1970s, the Pittsburgh Steelers would win Super Bowl IX following the 1974 season and then would follow that up with a Super Bowl X victory the very next season. How did that second season start out for them though? The 1975 Steelers would start their season out with a 37-0 blowout victory over the San Diego Chargers, they followed this up the very next week with a 30-21 loss to the Buffalo Bills. After that loss, they would run off 11 consecutive victories before losing their last game of the regular season by a score of 10-3 to the Los Angeles Rams, finishing the year at 12-2.

Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers finished out the 1970s with their second group of back-to-back Super Bowl victories having won Super Bowl XIII over the Cowboys following the 1978 season and Super Bowl XIV over the Rams following the 1979 season. How did their repeat victory season start out this time around? The Steelers would rattle off four straight victories before falling to the Eagles in week 5 of the season and then to the Bengals in week 7. They would finish the year as 12-4 before marching through the playoffs and defending their Super Bowl Championship.

San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers had won Super Bowl XXIII over the Bengals following the 1988 season. They would go on to win Super Bowl XXIV the next season by blowing out the Denver Broncos. How did that 1989 season go for the 49ers? The team would start the year out 3-0 before losing their first game of the year in a one point loss to the Los Angeles Rams. They wouldn’t lose again until week 11 when the Green Bay Packers beat them 21-17. They finished the year at 14-2 having won their last five games of the season.

Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys won Super Bowl XXVII and XXVIII following the 1992 and 1993 seasons respectively. Both victories were over the Buffalo Bills in what were the Bills’ third and fourth consecutive Super Bowl appearance. How did that 1993 season go for the Cowboys after having won the Super Bowl the previous year? It actually didn’t start out so well. The Cowboys opened up the season with a 35-16 loss to the Washington Redskins and followed it up with a 13-10 loss to the same Bills they had defeated in the previous Super Bowl. They would rebound, but as late as week 13 their record was still only 7-4 after back-to-back losses to the Falcons and the Dolphins. That would be the end of their losing though as they finished strong with a 12-4 record.

Denver Broncos
The Broncos were victorious over the previous season’s champion, the Green Bay Packers, in Super Bowl XXXII. They then would win it again in John Elway’s last season in the league when they won Super Bowl XXXIII following the 1998 season. How did that second championship season go for the Broncos though? Coming off their Super Bowl victory, the Broncos showed no signs of slowing down by mowing through the league and going 13-0, in fact in those thirteen games only two of them were decided by less than ten points. They then lost back-to-back games to the Giants and Dolphins before finishing the season with a victory over the Seahawks and an overall record of 14-2.

New England Patriots
The Patriots and their young quarterback Tom Brady won Super Bowl XXXVIII following the 2003 season by defeating the Carolina Panthers. They backed that up following the 2004 season with a Super Bowl XXXIX victory over the Philadelphia Eagles. How did that 2004 season go for them, seeing as they were defending their NFL title? Fairly well actually as the Patriots were 6-0 to start the year off before losing to the Steelers in week 8. They would then rack up another six straight victories before losing a one point contest to the Dolphins. They capped off the season with two straight victories, going 14-2, before marching through the playoffs to secure their back-to-back Super Bowl win.

Will the Giants go on to win Super Bowl XLIII this year? It is impossible to know, but their 3-0 start has got to be encouraging to their players, coaches, and fans.

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