Rule Differences For The United Football League

We posted earlier this week about the coming United Football League and listed some of the notable names involved with each of the teams. (Here is a link to that post)

Here is a look at some of the rule changes that the UFL will have compared to the NFL:

Tuck Rule
The tuck rule is one of the most contentious rules in the NFL, in the UFL there will be no tuck rule.

TD Celebrations
Touchdown celebrations will be allowed in both the endzone and on the sidelines.

Intentional Grounding
Quarterbacks will be allowed to intentionally ground the ball by throwing it at the ground anywhere behind the line of scrimmage, as long as they are under pressure.

Fumbling Through The Endzone
A ball fumbled through the endzone will be placed at the spot of the fumble, possession reverts to the team that had the ball when it was fumbled, unless the play took place on 4th down.

Instant Replay
There will be one replay official responsible for reviewing questionable plays. He will be located in the press boxes and will only have 90 seconds to conduct the review.

Each team is guaranteed one possession. If one team scores, the opposing team will then get a last chance to score on the next possession.

It should be an interesting endeavor, whether it lasts just the one season or continues on for years.

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