Stability At Quarterback Goes A Long Ways In The NFL

Stability at the position of quarterback has always been one of the cornerstones of a successful football team. We had a question asked recently, what team has gone the most consecutive years having a different starting quarterback each year. We did some research and here is that list, we chose to cover teams that went consecutive years with different quarterbacks leading the team in passing.

Many, many teams have gone four consecutive years with different quarterbacks leading the team in passing, so we started our list with those that had gone five years.

Five teams have gone five consecutive years with different quarterbacks leading the team in passing:

San Francisco 49ers
1972 Steve Spurrier
1973 Tom Owen
1974 John Brodie
1975 Norm Snead
1976 Jim Plunkett

New York Jets
1995 Boomer Esiason
1996 Frank Reich
1997 Neil O’Donnell
1998 Vinny Testaverde
1999 Ray Lucas

Dallas Cowboys
2002 Chad Hutchenson
2003 Quincy Carter
2004 Vinny Testaverde
2005 Drew Bledsoe
2006 Tony Romo

Miami Dolphins
2003 Jay Fiedler
2004 A.J. Feeley
2005 Gus Frerotte
2006 Joey Harrington
2007 Cleo Lemon

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2003 Brad Johnson
2004 Brian Griese
2005 Chris Simms
2006 Bruce Gradkowski
2007 Jeff Garcia

Topping those five teams, five other teams have gone six consecutive years with different quarterbacks leading their teams in passing:

Detroit Lions
1986 Eric Hipple
1987 Chuck Long
1988 Rusty Hilger
1989 Bob Gagliano
1990 Rodney Peete
1991 Erik Kramer

San Diego Chargers
1987 Dan Fouts
1988 Mark Malone
1989 Jim McMahon
1990 Billy Joe Tolliver
1991 John Friesz
1992 Stan Humphries

St. Louis / Arizona Cardinals
1988 Neil Lomax
1989 Gary Hogeboom
1990 Timm Rosenbach
1991 Stan Gelbaugh
1992 Chris Chandler
1993 Steve Beuerlein

Chicago Bears
2002 Jim Miller
2003 Kordell Stewart
2004 Chad Hutchinson
2005 Kyle Orton
2006 Rex Grossman
2007 Brian Griese

Cleveland Browns
2002 Tim Couch
2003 Kelly Holcomb
2004 Jeff Garcia
2005 Trent Dilfer
2006 Charlie Frye
2007 Derek Anderson

But, one team has all ten of those teams topped. The 1993-2000 Philadelphia had eight consecutive years with a different quarterback leading the team in passing.

Philadelphia Eagles
1993 Bubby Brister
1994 Randall Cunningham
1995 Rodney Peete
1996 Ty Detmer
1997 Bobby Hoying
1998 Koy Detmer
1999 Doug Pederson
2000 Donovan McNabb

As you can see from this list, during these times of turmoil at the quarterback position, few of these teams experienced huge amounts of success. The only true exception would be the 2006 Bears going to the Super Bowl. Stability at the quarterback position goes a long ways in the NFL. Four of these teams have the opportunity to extend their streak into next season: Cleveland, Chicago, Tampa Bay, and Miami.

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