Super Bowl Trivia – Part One

With the Super Bowl coming up, here is a taste of some little known Super Bowl trivia and information.

Go Saints! Go Colts!

Who are you picking?

-The longest play from scrimmage in Super Bowl history was an 85 yard touchdown pass in Super Bowl XXXVIII thrown by Carolina Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme and caught by wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad.

-The longest play from scrimmage in a Super Bowl that did not result in a touchdown was a 61 yard pass in Super Bowl XXV from Jim Kelly to James Lofton for the Buffalo Bills.

-Only one player has ever amassed more than 200 yards receiving in one game. In Super Bowl XXIII Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers gained 215 receiving yards. This performance topped the 193 receiving yards put up in the previous year’s Super Bowl XXII by wide receiver Ricky Sanders of the Washington Redskins.

-Only one quarterback has thrown for more than 400 yards in a Super Bowl. While playing for the St. Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXIV, Kurt Warner threw for 414 yards.

-Kurt Warner is the career leader in passing yards in Super Bowls. In his three Super Bowl appearances he has thrown for 1,156 yards. In second place on the list is Joe Montana who threw for just 14 less yards (1,142), but did so in four Super Bowl appearances.

-In Super Bowl XL, Willie Parker had a 75 yard touchdown run that was the longest run from scrimmage in Super Bowl history. This was one yard longer than Marcus Allen’s 74 yard touchdown run in Super Bowl XVIII.

-The longest run from scrimmage in Super Bowl history that did not result in a touchdown came way back in Super Bowl III in 1968. It was a 58 yard run by the Baltimore Colts Tom Matte.

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