Super Bowl Trivia – Part Two

We’re getting closer to game time… here are some more little known facts about the Super Bowl.

Hope its a great game!

-In his four Super Bowl appearances, Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers put up a total of 589 receiving yards. This sets the record for career receiving yards in Super Bowl history and is far more than the 364 yards of second place which is held by the Pittsburgh Steelers Lynn Swann.

-Steve Young and Joe Montana are numbers one and two in Super Bowl history in terms of most touchdown passes thrown in one game. Joe Montana set the mark with his five touchdown passes in Super Bowl XXIV and then Steve Young broke the record in Super Bowl XXIX when he threw six touchdown passes.

-Eight different teams have scored more than one hundred points in Super Bowl history including the Denver Broncos (115 points in 6 games), New England Patriots (121 points in 6 games), Washington Redskins (122 points in 5 games), Green Bay Packers (127 points in 4 games), Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders (132 points in 5 games), Pittsburgh Steelers (168 points in 7 games), and the San Francisco 49ers (188 points in 5 games). At the top of the list though is the Dallas Cowboys who scored 221 points in 8 games.

-In his four Super Bowl appearances, Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers caught eight touchdown passes. No other player has caught more than three Super Bowl touchdown passes in their career. Those players that are tied for second place with three career Super Bowl touchdown passes are John Stallworth and Lynn Swann of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cliff Branch of the Oakland Raiders, and Antonio Freeman of the Green Bay Packers.

-Rich Gannon has the record for most interceptions in one Super Bowl game with the five he threw in Super Bowl XXXVII.

-The record for most rushing yards in one Super Bowl is 204 yards and was done by Timmy Smith of the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XXII.

-The team that has given up the most cumulative points in Super Bowl history is the Denver Broncos. In their six total Super Bowl appearances, the Broncos have given up 206 points. They are the only team to give up more than 200 points in Super Bowls. In second on the list is the New England Patriots who have given up 165 points in their six Super Bowl appearances.

-Only three times has the Super Bowl been played in the same state in back to back years. Super Bowls II and III were both played in the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida in 1967 and 1968. Super Bowl XXI was played in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California in 1986 and was followed in 1987 with Super Bowl XXII being played in Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego, California. The third time this happened was in 2008 when Super Bowl XLIII was played in Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida and the 2009 Super Bowl XLIV was played in Miami, Florida.

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