The Oldest Current Coach In The NFL

A quick answer to a question we had asked of us… Who is the oldest coach in the NFL?

The oldest coach in the NFL right now is Joe Gibbs of the Washington Redskins who turned 67 years old this year.

Second oldest on that list is the New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin at 61.

The third oldest coach in the NFL is Romeo Crennel (60 years old) of the Cleveland Browns who is only three days older than #4 on the list: Wade Phillips of the Dallas Cowboys.

An interesting thing, the NFL like most of the other sports is looked at as a retread league in terms of coaching. Most say that it seems like the same guys keep getting hired as coaches over and over. Two of the four oldest coaches in the league have only been head coach of one team: Crennel with the Browns and Gibbs with the Redskins (although this is Gibbs’ second go-around with Washington).

All this, of course, begs the question: Who is the youngest coach in the NFL?

Lane Kiffin of the Oakland Raiders who is 32 years old… second youngest would be the New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini at 36 years old.


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