Unexpected 200 Yard Rushing Games – Part Two

The running back who puts up a 200 yard performance in a game has really made his mark on the NFL. With a 100 yard game as the standard for a great game, doubling that is something few get to do. And those who do are usually the bigger names in NFL history too. That isn’t always the case though.

Here are some 200 yard games that came from unexpected sources:

John Fuqua – Pittsburgh Steelers

John Fuqua played his rookie year with the New York Giants before moving on to the Pittsburgh Steelers where he spent the last seven years of his career. He had seven 100 yard rushing games during that career. His best day though came in a 1970 loss to the Eagles when he carried the ball 20 times for 218 yards and two touchdowns.

Derrick Ward – New York Giants

Derrick Ward played five seasons for the Giants in the mid 2000’s, before ending his career with a year in Tampa Bay and two seasons with the Texans. He had just three games in which he broke the 100 yard mark. In a win over the Panthers in 2008, he carried the ball 15 times for 215 yards and no touchdowns. This was good for a 14.33 yard average.

LeShon Johnson – Arizona Cardinals

LeShon Johnson played six seasons in the NFL, including time with the Packers, Cardinals, and Giants. He had just one game in which he ran for over 100 yards. In that game, a win over the Saints, he carried the ball 21 times for 214 yards and two touchdowns.

Dan Towler – Los Angeles Rams

Dan Towler played during the early 1950’s for the Los Angeles Rams. He led the league twice in rushing touchdowns but broke the 100 yard rushing mark just 10 times. One of those games saw him carry the ball 14 times for 205 yards and a touchdown in a win over the Colts.

Jonas Gray – New England Patriots

Jonas Gray ran for a total of 588 yards in three NFL seasons with the Dolphins, Patriots, and Jaguars. In a Patriots win over the Colts in 2014, he carried the ball 37 times for 201 yards and four touchdowns. This game represents more than one third of his total career rushing yards.

Barry Word – Kansas City Chiefs

Barry Word played in the NFL from 1987 to 1994. He played three years with the Chiefs, two with the Saints, and one each with the Cardinals and Vikings. During that time he had seven 100 yard rushing games, all with the Chiefs. In a 1990 win over the Lions, Barry Word carried the ball 18 times for 200 yards and two touchdowns.

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