Where Did The Patriots 19-0 Super Bowl Champ T-Shirts Go?

A great story just came across ESPN’s Outside The Line show regarding what happened to all the 19-0 Perfect Season New England Patriots Super Bowl Champion T-Shirts. There were two different batches of 288 shirts made up for the Super Bowl winners, one saying New England Patriots and one saying New York Giants. Once the Giants pulled off the Super Bowl victory, the Patriots shirts were stashed away. The NFL is very concerned that this type of product may end up on secondary markets like eBay, and goes to great lengths to keep them out of collectors hands. The NFL is also very charity oriented, so you knew something would happen to them, right?

Many of the shirts ended up in the village of San Antonio De Ariba, Nicaragua and were handed out to the residents there. A funny side note is that a local girls soccer team used the t-shirts as their jerseys and they ended up winning their league championship. So, both batches of 288 shirts ended up being won by league champions.

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