Which Team Makes The Most Out Of Their Postseason Appearances?

Which Team Makes The Most Out Of It’s Post Season Appearance?

Here’s an interesting stat… which team makes the most out of its playoff appearances? Coaches will tell you that there is only one reason to play the game… to win, more specifically to win championships. The Green Bay Packers have the most NFL Championships of any team in the league with 12, though other teams have won a greater number of Super Bowls, the Packers were also highly successful in the years before the Super Bowl and expanded playoffs came along. But, let’s look at percentages… which team has won the most NFL Championships compared to how many times they’ve been in the playoffs?

Well, the winner of that distinction would also be the Green Bay Packers. They’ve won their 12 championships and made the playoffs 23 times. That’s right, more than half (52%) the times they make the playoffs, they win it all.

Second place is the Chicago Bears who have won 9 NFL Championships (8 coming in their pre-Super Bowl days) and made the playoffs 24 times for a percentage of 38%.

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