Who Has The Most 100 Yard Rushing Games In NFL History?

When it comes to evaluating running backs in the National Football League, one of the most used measuring sticks is the 100 yard game. For a running back to gain more than 100 yards against their opponent in one game means that they were at least very successful and at most dominating against them. Many great players have put up 100 yard games over the years, but so have mediocre running backs on occasion too. It takes a truly great football career though to put up 100 yard rushing games consistently over a long career.

Of all the great running backs who have played in the National Football League over the years, who has had more 100 yard rushing games than anyone else?

The answer shouldn’t surprise most football fans, it is none other than Emmitt Smith. Smith is the career leader in most running back and rushing categories, including most yards gained in history. Over the course of his career, he broke the 100 rushing yard barrier in 78 games. He did this mostly with the Dallas Cowboys, although his time with the Arizona Cardinals also added to this mark

Here is the rest of the top five in the category of most 100 yard rushing games in a player’s career.

1. Emmitt Smith – 78
2. Walter Payton – 77
3. Barry Sanders – 76
4. Eric Dickerson – 64
5. Jerome Bettis – 61

Just missing this list, and tied in 6th position with 57 career 100 yard rushing games, are Edgerrin James and Curtis Martin.

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