Let’s Look At: John Harbaugh

John Harbaugh is the first year coach of the Baltimore Ravens. As a new head coach in the NFL there is little known about John Harbaugh though he has been an assistant coach at many levels for many years. So, let’s take a look at the new head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, John Harbaugh.

-He spent nine seasons as the special teams coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

-One of his first hirings was Cam Cameron as offensive coordinator, when Cameron was head coach at the University of Indiana one of his hirings was John Harbaugh to be one of his assistants.

-No NFL team had ever won a game that was the debut game for both their head coach (Harbaugh) and starting quarterback (Joe Flacco) until the Ravens did so at the beginning of the 2008 season with their victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. This was equaled on that same day when done so by the Atlanta Falcons and their new coach (Mike Smith) and quarterback (Matt Ryan).

-Spent time as an assistant coach at Western Michigan University, the University of Pittsburgh, Morehead State, the University of Cincinnati, and Indiana University before moving on to the NFL.

-Coaching runs in the family as his brother is the head coach of Stanford University, his father was the coach of both Western Michigan University and Western Kentucky University, and his brother-in-law is Tom Crean who is the current basketball coach at the University of Indiana.

-He played college football for the Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

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