10 Things You May Not Know About Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football is a staple in American household, especially among football fans of course. Not simply one of the most successful sports shows of all time, much more than that, MNF is one of the most successful shows period in the history of television. That being said, here are ten things that you may not have known about the incomparable Monday Night Football.

1. Surprisingly, the record for the most shutouts in Monday Night Football history is held by the Seattle Seahawks who have shutout their opponents five times.

2. The broadcaster who broadcasted the longest for Monday Night Football was Frank Gifford, who served on the broadcast team from 1971 through 1998, a total of 28 seasons.

3. The New York Jets lost both the first and last game in Monday Night Football’s ABC television history, both times by the same score, 31-21.

4. The ESPN Deportes Spanish language broadcast of Monday Night Football was broadcast from ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut during the 2007 season. None of the announcers were present at the actual site of the game.

5. Monday Night Football was the 2nd longest running prime time show on network TV. The only show that lasted for more consecutive seasons was the news program 60 Minutes.

6. The first female broadcaster to join the Monday Night Football broadcast team was Lesley Visser who became a sideline reporter in 1998.

7. The lowest scoring game in the history of Monday Night Football occurred during the 2007 season when the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Miami Dolphins by a score of 3-0.

8. The last touchdown pass thrown on Monday Night Football during its time on ABC was thrown by Vinny Testaverde.

9. There are two matchups that are tied for the most times having their games being aired on Monday Night Football. Oakland vs. Denver and Dallas vs. Washington have each been televised a 14 times.

10. There has only been one game end in a tie score in the history of Monday Night Football. That game happened during the 1984 season and featured the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Giants.

Whether in its previous incarnation as part of the ABC network, or its current status as one of the top rated shows on ESPN and all of cable television, Monday Night Football will continue to be one of the most memorable sports broadcasts of all time. The competition combined with the prestige that has come with appearing on and winning Monday Night Football have made it part of Americana. Predicting what will happen this coming season on Monday Night Football is fruitless, sitting back and enjoying it is what it was made for.

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