20 Interesting Facts About Pittsburgh Steelers Great Lynn Swann

Lynn Swann played nine seasons for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and over the years became famous for dramatic big plays. He was a major contributor to the Steelers teams that won four Super Bowls during their dynasty, and went down in history as a true fan favorite. He has gone on to do everything from broadcast the Olympics to running for Governor. He is truly one of the best ever.

Here are 20 interesting facts about Lynn Swann that you may not know:

-Lynn Swann’s first wife, Bernadette, was the daughter of Paul Robi who became famous as a member of the musical group The Platters.

-Lynn Swann’s ex-wife, Bernadette, traded one sport for another and is now married to former boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard.

-Lynn Swann was not the only Pro Football Hall of Famer drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1974. That draft class also included Hall of Famers wide receiver John Stallworth, center Mike Webster, and linebacker Jack Lambert.

-Lynn Swann finished his career with four Super Bowl rings, but in his first Super Bowl he didn’t catch one pass. In fact, quarterback Terry Bradshaw only completed nine passes in that game.

-Lynn Swann was the first wide receiver to be chosen the Super Bowl MVP after he caught four passes for 161 yards in Super Bowl X.

-Lynn Swann has appeared in an episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

-Lynn Swann was a longtime sports broadcaster. In fact, his broadcasting career started with ABC Sports in 1976, more than six years before he retired from playing in the NFL.

-The former wide receiver is a dues paying member of the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia, home of the Masters Golf Tournament.

-During his career, Lynn Swann would run the ball in for a tourchdown just one time. This happened in the 1979 season and came on a nine yard run during a 20-17 loss to the Houston Oilers.

-Though he failed to catch a pass in Super Bowl IX, his first Super Bowl, he did record his only rushing attempt in a Super Bowl. He carried the ball one time for a seven yard loss.

-The most catches he ever had in one game came in 1980 in a 16-13 victory over the Cleveland Browns when he caught nine passes for 138 yards and a touchdown.

-The most yards he ever accumulated in one game was 192. This came on just five receptions and happened in a December game against the Cincinnati Bengals which the Steelers won 37-17.

-The longest run of Lynn Swann’s career came in a 37-21 win over the Browns in 1983, his last season in the league, when he carried the ball for a 25 yard gain.

-In a 28-7 win over the New Orleans Saints during his rookie season of 1974, Lynn Swann had his one and only punt return for a touchdown.

-What opponent did he score most of his touchdowns against? This is a tie as he put up eight touchdows against both the Browns and the Bengals.

-The most touchdown passes he ever caught in one season was 11 and he did that in both 1975 and 1978.

-He scored 53 touchdowns during his career. 28 came during home game and 25 came on the rad.

-Lynn Swann’s most prolific quarter of football was the second quarter. That is where he scored 19 of his career 53 touchdowns.

-Of his 51 total touchdown receptions, Terry Bradshaw threw 49 of them. The other two were thrown by Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Joe Gilliam.

-The longest touchdown reception of his career was thrown by Terry Bradshaw and went for 68 yards in the 3rd quarter of a 30-28 loss to the Bengals in 1980.

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