A Brief Look Back At Universal Stadium

When the Portsmouth Spartans began play in the National Football League, they had a number of things going for them including the fact that they had a brand new stadium. Universal Stadium was the home field for all Spartans games from 1930 to 1933. The stadium is located in Portsmouth, Ohio and when built could hold approximately 8,200 people.

The Spartans only stayed there for those four seasons before relocating to the city of Detroit, changing their name to the Detroit Lions, and playing their games at the University of Detroit Stadium. Amazingly, the stadium built so long ago as the birthplace of an NFL franchise is still standing. Over the years it has hosted high school football games and local celebrations, though recently its future has sometimes remained in doubt.

In 2003, the stadium was designated a historical site by the State of Ohio, and it does receive a fair amount of football fan tourists throughout the year. Any NFL fan in the area of Portsmouth, Ohio should definitely make a pilgrimage to Universal Stadium, now known as Spartan Municipal Stadium, to see a side of what professional football was like way back in the early days of the National Football League.

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